Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions are listed, and please note also our Terms of business.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment for an alteration?
A. No during weekdays, but yes for Saturdays. However, you may have to wait your turn if we are busy. For more complex alterations like Wedding dresses, please make an appointment by giving us a call.

Q. Do you only do ladies’ alterations?
A. No, we alter men’s suits, trousers, shirts and jackets as well.

What is your turn around time for alterations?
A. One week. We do offer a Same Day and Express (3-day) service for additional fees.
* Please note that some alterations may be too complex to carry out in one day, and a reasonable amount of time to carry out the work is required, so please do not expect a same day service if you turn up at 4:30pm.

Q. Would you provide a quotation over the phone?
A. We prefer not to, as our Guide prices can be found on our website. For example, if you insist that we quote over the phone for shortening a dress, we can only quote the guide price for a standard alteration, if the dress then turns out to be beaded or multi-layered, the cost would have to be increased to reflect the extra labour.

Q. What if the alteration is not right?
A. We always suggest that clients try the garment on before you leave to make sure that you are happy with it. At this stage there is no charge for any fine tuning to the original alteration.

Q. What if I was unable to try the garment on at the time of collection but then found there was a problem?
A. If the garment is brought back immediately within a reasonable time (not longer than a week), we will rectify any issues with the original alteration.

Q. Can I collect my garments on Saturday as it is by appointment only?
A.Yes, our receptionist should be able to help you.

Q. Can I bring my alterations in on a Saturday?
A. Yes, if it is a simple alteration, but you may have to wait.


1. Items not collected within six months will be donated to the charity shop

2. We strongly recommend that clients bring the correct shoes for their outfit during fittings. Once the garment is finished, it may not be possible to rectify the length if it is not correct. We reserve the right to make an additional charge for any further alteration so incurred.

3. Off cuts will be donated to a local charity unless the client specifically requests otherwise.

4. Garments will be altered exactly as pinned by the client – we will happily pin for you, free of charge.

5. All garments must be cleaned before being brought in for alterations. We reserve the right to reject dirty garments.

6. All work must be paid for before garments can be removed. Payment can be by Debit card or Cash. (there is a small surcharge for Credit cards).

7. We reserve the right to charge for further alterations should your weight/shape fluctuate between fittings!!

Fashion Workshop FAQ